Form A Private Wyoming LLC

Private, Anonymous, and seperate legal entity from owner.


Benefits of Anonymity

Maintaining Confidentiality

The connection between you and your company is not available to the public.

Protecting Privacy

An anonymous LLC helps keep your personal information private.

Preventing Harrassment

Avoid marketers, salespeople, competitors, or other unscroupulous actors.

Asset Protection

An anonymous LLC is a sperate legal entity that can be protected from personal creditors.

Our services help you maintain privacy when starting a new company. We make sure your information is not published when filing documents with the initial filing of your company. Any information you provide us is strictly confidential and will not be shared with third parties. There are certain circumstances when we must disclose records related to the designated agent of each entity represented. Requests include, but not limited from, Wyoming Secretary of State, Law Enforcement Requests, and valid subpoenas. 


How It Works

Order Your Private LLC

Complete our order form and within 24 hours your company will be created.


We prepare and file your articles of organization.

After processing your order, we will prepare the Articles of Organization and file with the Wyoming Secretary of State.

We make sure your company is compliant.

We make sure your company is in compliance with Wyoming state law by acting as your registered agent for 1 year.

 Our private company formation service includes.

Everything to get your anonymous company established.

* Company formation within 24 hours.

* One year of Registered Agent Service

* Operating Agreement

* Certificate of Good Standing

* Use of our Wyoming address, not yours.

* Articles of Organization


24 Hour Fast Filing


Our company will get your Wyoming LLC Organized within 24 hours. You will receive all the documentation establishing your company as a legal entity in the State of Wyoming through filing the articles of organization. 

By hiring us we will be your registered agent for one year and file your articles of organization keeping your personal information private.

How to form a Wyoming LLC.

Choose your company name.

The words “limited liability company,” or its abbreviations “LLC” or “L.L.C.,” “limited company,” or its abbreviations “LC” or “L.C.,” “Ltd. liability company,” “Ltd. liability co.” or “limited liability co.” shall be included in the name of every limited liability company formed under the provisions. 

Find a registered agent.

Any business in Wyoming is required to have an individual physically located within the state of Wyoming to accept service of process.

File Articles of Oranization.

We can act as an organizer to form your limited liability company by delivering initial articles of organization to the Wyoming Secretary of State. We will make sure the articles of corporation clearly state the name of your corporation, a registered office address, and accompanied by our written consent to appoint us as your registered agent.

Maintain your entity.

Wyoming requires LLC’s to file annual reports each year. We can help you file this report to keep your name out of public records.

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