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How To Search A Wyoming LLC or INC Name

Searching For A Wyoming Business Name

Naming your Wyoming LLC or Corporation(INC) is an important first step when filing your company. It is imperative that the LLC or INC name is distinguishable from any other entity filed in Wyoming.

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Search For Wyoming Companies

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The Wyoming Secretary of State is often used to search business filings within the state. Every accepted document filed in respect to a Wyoming business entity can be searched through their online database. This provides a quick review of the LLC or INC's history.

Documents on the Wyoming Secretary of State website can be viewed and downloaded. Searching can easily be done with the input of either the company name, filing ID. Searches cannot be performed on owners, managers, Wyoming registered agent, or organizer(s).

How To Search Wyoming Companies

The Wyoming Secretary of State provides a great resource on how to file your LLC or INC at this link. Or you can use this link to search for Wyoming limited liability companies, corporations, non-profits, tradenames (DBA), and others.

The Wyoming business entity search on the Secretary of State website looks like this.

wyoming business search example

Once the search is complete, you will be taken to a result page listing companies that match your search criteria. This search result will quickly allow you to determine the LLC or INC good standing, whether it has a registered agent, formation date, and the type of entity. Clicking on an entity on this result page will take you to the "Business Entity Detail" page with more in depth information.

Business Details

The business entity detail page provides any publicly available information that you could otherwise find through a manual search at the Wyoming Secretary of State's office. Details of the searched company can be seen on the page include; business, name, type, status, sub-status, initial filing, standing, duration, principal address, mailing address. Also, further details can be viewed by clicking the drop down menus towards the bottom of the page.

Here is what the drop down menus look like as they can sometimes be difficult to see they are clickable.

business detail page example

Additional details drop down will show the registered agent, latest AR/Year, exempt status, and license tax paid.

History drop down will show all accepted filings made with the secretary of state.

Public notes will show any notes the Secretary of State has made.

Parties drop down will show the organizer name and address.

Still have questions?

This page gives a generalized understanding on how to perform a Wyoming business search. It should be very straight forward on how to perform a search, however, there are some limitations. Doing a business search is an important step when filing your Wyoming business entity.

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