How To: File Your Wyoming LLC or INC

An brief overview of the filing process for those who use our Wyoming registered agent service and would like to file themselves. We can file on your behalf to ensure privacy. Otherwise, please use this page to help guide you through the filing process.

Step 1: Choose Your Company's Name

It is important for your company's name to be unique and distinguishable from others. This way no one confuses your company for another and vice versa.

You can do a Wyoming business name search on the Wyoming Secretary of State's website to double check if your desired company name is available.

Also, please remember that Wyoming will require your LLC to contain LLC, L.L.C., Limited Liability, INC, ect....

How To Perform a Business Name Check

Step 2: Find a Registered Agent

Your registered agent will need to be physically located in Wyoming. It is possible for you to be your own registered agent, however, there are many privacy benefits of hiring a professional Wyoming registered agent.

If you choose to hire us, we will provide you with a signed and dated statement showing our voluntary consent to be your registered agent for one year. We also will provide an array of other benefits with our service.

Step 3: File Your Company Online or Through Mail

You can choose to file your articles of organization either online or through the mail.

There are some filing fees when filing your company. Filing online will have a total fee of $102. While filing through the mail is $100. The fees are payable to the Wyoming Secretary of State.

Our Wyoming LLC filing service already has these fees built into the total price.

Step 4: Maintaine State Compliance

Through ought the life of your business entity there will be aspects of your entity that will need to be maintained in order to maintain good standing with the Secretary of State. This will of course be the annual renewal of a registered agent if you chose to hire an agency. The other will be the annual report.

Your annual report will require you to disclose assets physically located in Wyoming. This will determine a fee that is payable to the Wyoming Secretary of State. Many times this is confused with a "tax". Please remember that your annual report fee is not calculated by revenue and is calculated by assets.

We can file your annual report to hep keep your name out of public record.

Still Need Help Filing Your Wyoming LLC?

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