How To: File Your Wyoming LLC or INC Annual Report

An brief overview of the filing process for those who use our Wyoming registered agent service and would like to file themselves. We can file on your behalf to ensure privacy. Otherwise, please use this page to help guide you through the filing process.

Your Wyoming Company Annual Report Due Date

It is important for your company's to be in 'good standing' with the Wyoming Secretary of State. Filing an annual report is one of the requirements to keep your company in good standing.

Your Wyoming LLC or INC annual report is due on the first day of your company's anniversary month.

For example, your company was filed July 31st. Each year on July 1st your company's annual report is due.

Filing Your Wyoming Annual Report

In order to file your Wyoming company's annual report, you will need to provide the State of Wyoming with a few things.

You will need to have your Secretary of State Filing ID to identify your company. Also, you will need to be able to provide assets that are physically in Wyoming. Please do not be confuse revenue with assets. In Wyoming you will not need to report revenue in regards to your annual report.

Wyoming Annual Report Fee

Your Wyoming annual report fee, payable to the State of Wyoming, will be calculated based on the total assets in Wyoming.

  • $300,000 or less will incur a $60 annual report fee (Paid online will incur a convenience fee).
  • Over $300,000 is calculated (Total Assets * .0002)= annual report fee (Paid online will incur a convenience fee).

Please check with the Wyoming Secretary of State to determine your actual amount or calculations as these numbers change frequently.

Where To File Your Annual Report

Wyoming allows business to file their report either my mail or online.

To file online, see this link.

Wyoming Secretary of State Address to file by mail.

Wyoming Secretary of State
Business Division
Herschler Building East
122 W. 25th Street, Suite 101
Cheyenne, WY 82002

Still Need Help Filing Your Wyoming LLC?

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How To Video

Here is youtube video provided by the Secretary of State. This video is provided to help businesses file their annual report.